Steps of oxide ceramic pad production

  • We handle every portion of materials identified during the production and we follow every product with an identifying slab until handing over to the customer
  • This also ensures the reproducibility of the orifice unit
  • The pre-product is produced with isostatic pressing on 1500 bar pressure
  • Thereafter we form the shape with CNC machine -Sintering on 1700 °C (3092 F) with a 48 hours automatic regulated cycle
  • Post-processing with diamond tools
  • Polishing the surface of the orifice unit with diamond paste for excellent sliding. Surface unevenness: Ra- 0,5-1 μn


  • Significant increase of the lifespan of the tools through the high-grade wear resistance
  • Remarkable sliding
  • Fast and flexible modifiability of the tool construction by CAD planning and CNC milling
  • Ensures optimal tile runoff
  • The usage of the brake can be largely lessened
  • The intake significantly decreases

Change to ceramic tools in practice
- Estimation and documentation of existing tools
- Adaption of requirements for the new-construction tools
- CAD planning
- Tool experiments formation of permanent construction
- Getting tools running
- Refinement of formed construction with the co-operation of factory experts


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